Error during BPMN deployment

Error during BPMN deployment


Developing and debugging a BPMN can be a nightmare. The build and redeployment of a BPMN can take up to five minutes and lead to multiple errors.

After multiple successful deployments, it was no longer possible to deploy or undeploy a process.


The following error message was shown in the deployment log of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio:

Description: Description: 1. Adapter has refused deploy unit e5853c8198e860817e261ae672f4bfc4 using configuration mode DEPLOYMENT

-> Transformer could not get lock within 60 seconds


Restart the Galaxy Core Service to fix the issue. This can be done like this:

  1. Open the NetWeaver Administrator (http://your.pi:port/nwa)
  2. Go to Operations -> Systems -> Start & Stop -> Java Services
  3. Search for Name “Galaxy Core Service”
  4. Select your Instance and click on Restart
  5. Wait some seconds and  try to deploy your service again
NWA: Restart Galaxy Core Service
NWA: Restart Galaxy Core Service

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