BPMN Undeployment with NWDS

BPMN Undeployment with NWDS


If you do not need a process anymore, it makes sense to undeploy a BPMN to free some resources.

Undeployment of a BPMN with NWDs

A BPMN can be undeployed with the help of the Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS). Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the NWDS and connect to your PO system
  2. Open the “Deployment” perspective
  3. Wait till the list of BPMNs on the left side is loaded, click on your process and drag the object into the “Undeployment list” on the right side
  4. Click on the “Start” button

    NWDS: Process undeployment
    NWDS: Process undeployment
  5. After some seconds the process should be undeployed

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